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At NEW:IN, our purpose is to offer B2B partners a distinctive gateway to beauty, encompassing both timeless essentials and trendsetting products. We aim to empower businesses by providing a curated selection that blends innovation with enduring relevance. 

As we bridge the gap between tradition and the avant-garde, our purpose is to be the catalyst for our partners’ success, offering a unique edge in the competitive beauty market.


Our vision at NEW:IN is to become the preferred partner for retailers seeking a dynamic range that seamlessly integrates essential, enduring products with on-trend, TikTok-inspired offerings. We envision a future where our partners thrive by offering a diverse array of beauty products that resonate with evolving consumer preferences.

NEW:IN aspires to be the go-to brand for businesses aiming to elevate their beauty sections with a combination of both essentials and cutting-edge trends.


Elevating the Beauty Retail Landscape

NEW:IN’s mission is to elevate the beauty retail landscape by providing B2B partners with a carefully curated selection that caters to both long-lasting beauty essentials and the latest trends. We are committed to delivering not just products but an experience that captures the essence of timeless beauty and contemporary trends.

Building Lasting


We strive to build lasting partnerships with retailers, understanding your unique needs and offering tailored solutions.

NEW:IN’s mission is to be a reliable collaborator, consistently delivering quality, innovation, and a touch of trendsetting flair that sets our partners apart.


Stay trendy

Get to know what we do

Welcome to our innovative approach at NEW:IN, where we specialize in creating high-quality duplicates of popular products, ensuring you stay on trend in both non-food and near-food categories.

Our services are designed to keep you ahead of the curve with fast delivery of the latest trendy items, coupled with insightful trend analysis.

Additionally, we offer robust support for customer-spotted products, enhancing your social media presence through strategic appearances.

At NEW:IN, we also excel in the development of private label products, tailoring our offerings to perfectly match your needs. Trust NEW:IN to bring you the best of trends with efficiency and style!



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